Véronique Cassegrain is a little French entrepreneur, with a love for frames, her cats, design and interior decoration. A mother before all, she tries to depict love, warmth and benevolence through her savoir-faire. 




She has been living in London for almost 25 years, where she learnt to manipulate wood, paint, paper and framework tools. 

She has a soft spot for framing anything Wedding and Baby, from clothes to announcement to pictures. Véronique’s frames will beautify your photographes, pieces of art, engravings, drawings, even carvings. 


Her interior- decoration skills are on point, although she could also have been a panoramic landscape artist. Her garden was assorted with good taste and patience, with her beloved peonies as one of her mains sources of inspiration and relaxation!

For any enquiries, please feel free to drop Veronique an email by filling in the below contact form, even if it’s just to say hi. She’s always open to chat about her passion and meet new people. Everything is handmade and homemade, it can be tailored to your tastes or you can let her decide. Simple, affordable elegance !

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