Savoir- Faire

Framework passion and passionate frames….wood, paper, colours! Veronique turned her little garden shed, hidden deep in the Kensington backstreets, in an atelier, where she can give free rein to her creativity.  A bit of music, a good film, a cup of tea and off she goes, creating an unforgettable memory for just-married couples, newborns, children, family….


In her lair, as she likes to call it, it’s a bit of a tidy mess. Old frames waiting to be given a second life, new ones ready to accommodate memories, photographs, treasures…She works them, encases them, paints them with love and fascinating ease. She plays with dozens of materials and textured paper, leather-like and elegant, mimicking lizards, croc, suede or shagreen, in vibrant or low-key shades, tailored to your tastes. 


You’ll also find lithe engravings, fine paper, stacks of paint, brushes, glass, frame-mounts, ribbons… a crafts’ lover’s dream . L’Atelier de Bedford resembles one of her frames, started from scratch, with only passion and goodwill, benevolence and love.




But that's not all. Her savoir-faire also lays in the creation of strikingly beautiful stationery boxes. File with elegance, a "must have” for any busy man or woman wishing to organise and tidy their homes and offices. Keep your recipes in a colourful box, add some magic to your taxes by storing them in an elegant holder…there is no limit. Any texture, any colour, the choice is yours.