File with Elegance

Messy workplace? Tired of seeing the same decor at home? 

Kitchen recipes, office paperwork, administration, taxes, children's memories....keep everything safe and organised with these beautifully handcrafted dossier-holders.

They make for great gift ideas, for Father's Day, for a birthday, for a housewarming, a wedding, the list goes on! 

All it takes is a slightly different and very refreshing way to beautiful file, organise and tidy your documents, papers, memories, albums, or whatever it is that needs to be tidied up and easily accessible. 


Véronique has every colour imaginable, and gorgeous textures to match if you want something original and deadly elegant.


Design your own

We offer a range of different textures, materials, colours, and sizes of boxes to chose from, to ensure we create tailor made products. All materials are "vegan" (except the suede), as they are simply textured paper designed to resemble the most noble of leathers. Bring a touch of colour, elegance, and style to your home or office.

  • Size - There are 2 sizes of boxes, a smaller and larger model. The dimensions are.

  • Colours - from the classic black, brown, grey, burgundy, dark green, navy (and variants of each shade) to bright fuchsia, turquoise, orange, red to baby pink or blue, or pastel yellow and shades of white, the toughest bit is to settle on a colour!

  • Textures- lizard like, crocodile like, ostrich-like, bubble and suede

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